TTT is administred by an Executive Board (legal and managerial authority) and a National Academic and Prorpective Council (Thematic and programmatic authority) also referred to as the Think Tank Council.

Think Tank Council chair: Pr / Dean Mohamed Mahjoub (Philosopher).

Council rapporteur: M. Mohamed Hammar (linguist & writer).

Executive-president: M. Ameur Jeridi (M.A., Applied Linguistics; Environmentalist & Civil society expert & Citizenship Expert).

Vice-president: Ms. Sana Saadallah (lawyer).

Vice-president: Ms. Soumaya Belaid (English graduate, NPO program officer).

Vice-president: M. Fethi Ouerdani (Biologist, Environmentalist).

Vice-president: Ms Souhir Kaddachi (Lawyer).

Vice-president: Ms Marwa Ben Ameur (English undergraduate).

 Secretary-general: Dr Mohamed Kouthear Khribi (Computer Science).

Treasurer: M. Mourad Bejaoui (journaliste & novelist-Arabic).


Think Tank Council


Dr Mohamed Adel Hentati (Geographer / Sustainable Developement Expert).

Dr Lotfi Briki (Renewable Energies International Expert).

Dr Mohsen Kalboussi (Botanist, Environmental Expert).

M. Abdessalem Kallala (M.Sc. Engineer, natural resources Expert).

M.Tarek Mrabet (Sociologist, Communicator).

M. Abelhamid Karem (Senior Engineer, Forestry Expert).